Habits of Slim People

The 18 Habits of Slim People


So-called “naturally slim” people are not special. They just happen to have different habits than the rest of us.

Scientists have studied fat people and thin people, and these are the habits that slimmer persons are more likely to have than heavier persons.

18. Slim people get enough sleep

Yes, experiments have shown that if you don’t get enough sleep you will eat more food and are more likely to become overweight.

Likewise, too much sleep can cause fat gain.

17. Slim people weigh themselves

Yes, many overweight people are afraid of the scale, but surveys of slim people show that they, actually, are the most likely to weigh themselves.

Perhaps it focuses the mind and prevents you from sleepwalking into obesity?

16. Slim people make good choices easier

For example, if you lay your jogging clothes out the night before, you’re more likely to go jogging in the morning.

If you have a bowl of fruit next to your computer, you’re more likely to eat that.

If you have a bowl of candy or doughnuts, you’re more likely to eat that.

15. Slim people prefer drinking water

Sugary drinks are not a favourite of most slim people.

And experiments show that people dieting will lose weight 40% faster if they drink water with their meals.

14. Slim people carry snacks

This might seem counter intuitive, but if you carry healthy snacks around with you, you’re less likely to end up in that McDonalds drive thru.

13. Slim people eat less meat

Surveys show that naturally slim people indeed, on average, do not eat as much meat. When they do eat meat, their favourite is chicken – yes, the lowest fat chicken, and no the data did not say that it was friend chicken.

12. Slim people eat more greens and salad

Yes, one survey showed that 35% of slim people ate salad everyday.

But you know, some salads can be delicious.

11. Slim people eat nuts

Yes, despite being full of fat, nuts don’t make you fat.

It’s not fully agreed exactly why, but experiments have fed some people over 100 nuts a day, and not seen an equivalent weight gain.

It’s thought that something inside them increases the metabolism of your body’s brown fat reserves.

Each handful of nuts per day is associated with a 2cm reduction in waistline.

10. Slim people eat soups

One survey found that 100% of slim people ate soup every week.

No wonder, it’s extremely filling and very low in calories.

9. Slim people eat more starches

Everyone seems to think carbs are the enemy, but slim people eat more carbs than fat.

In one study, the most satiating, or filling, food in the world is potato.

Potato, not crisps/potato chips or French fries. More thing like jacket potato.

8. Slim people eat more vegetables

Yes, high in volume and low in calories, experiments show that despite being lower in calories than other foods, vegetables can be just as filling.

In one five-day experiment, people given more vegetables to eat consumed half as many calories as a comparison group, yet felt just as full throughout the entire experiment.

7. Slim people eat more fruit

Just like with vegetables, they’re low in calories, filling, but also very sweet.

You can essentially have guilt-free deserts.

6. Slim people stay active

Research shows that obese people only average about 5,000 steps per day, with healthy weight people averaging over 7,000 steps per day.

Also, experiments show that calorific deficit from exercise can remove more body fat than diet alone, and the people who are most likely to keep lost weight off, are people who exercise.

5. Slim people don’t eat in front of the TV

Crazy experiments have shown that eating while distracted by a TV can make you eat 10% more food at that meal, but strangely, 25% more later in the day.

This effect seems to be even worse among children.

4. Slim people dislike too much fat

Yes, they’re more likely to dislike the sluggishness, lethargy, and sickness that high fat foods can make you feel.

They’re also more likely to view eating junk food as disgusting. Speaking of which…

3. Slim people eat junk sparingly

Yes, indeed, many naturally slim people only like getting a taste of a cake or pudding, share it with others, and don’t eat it at all if they feel they haven’t earned it.

2. Slim people eat when physically hungry

Yes, if you only eat when you feel the physical signs of hunger, such as a hunger pang, or inanition, such as light headedness, you can end up eating a lot fewer calories, while, by definition, not being hungry.

In one experiment where they told overweight people to do this, they ate 1/3 food and lost weight, yet felt fine.

1. Slim people chew their food

Yes, slim people tend to chew their food for longer than overweight people.

Chewing thoroughly, about 32 times per bite, makes you feel full quicker, on less food, yet you feel just as full.

It also makes digestion easier, and eliminates feeling bloated.

It’s easier said than done!

Knowing these habits and trying to adopt them are two different things.

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